FOR THE UPDATED LOOKS - How to get that hypnotising appearance

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is an excellent versatile product. Use it for your lips, eyebrows, hands and feet.
Kajal is the secret to dreamy, mysterious eyes but, if your eyes are small, apply only a half-length of it, starting from middle to the outer corner of the eye.
Drooping eyes can be given a lift by tilting the eyeliner upwards and outwards before it reaches the outer corner of the upper lid.
To make lipstick last longer, apply a layer of foundation on the lips before applying lipstick.
Always use cold cream to remove lipstick as this will help to soften and condition lips. Then dab on a bit of moisturiser.
Do not wear socks with sandals, only shoes!
Never ever go to bed with wet hair in order to prevent it from breaking.
Sleep-deprivation leads to a host of beauty problems including dark under-eye circles and hair loss – so make sure you get your precious seven or eight hours of snooze daily. Cut out all those television serials if you think you don't have enough time to sleep.
Always dress your age, no matter how many compliments you receive telling you that you look younger. Do not wear young adult fashions if you're in your forties and fifties. Likewise, don't try to look too mature when you're still young.
Don't wear tops/shirts that are too short and ride up your back whenever you sit down – butt cleavage is a complete turn-off, no matter what your age-group!
 There's a reason why shaving gel was invented – use it, don't use soap with your razor as it causes dry skin and increases the chances of small cuts and ingrown hair.
Apply after-shave lotion or gel for baby-soft skin and to keep moisturised.
If you are overweight, don't let clothes rise above the top of your hips. Keep your kameez, pants, skirts, etc resting lower than your hips.
Keeping your hair away from your face and shoulders by tying it up helps keep attention away from your body frame and will make you appear thinner.
Red lipstick is a sure shot way to look more attractive, but use a tone that complements your complexion.
Invest in good-quality sunglasses to protect your most precious organs – the eyes – from harmful sun's rays, especially in the harsh Indian summers.
Include traditional Indian spices like turmeric (haldi), jeera (cumin), cinnamon, garlic and ginger in your cooking as they all have essential nutrients that fight disease and promote beautiful skin.
Your skin isn't the only target the sun has to destroy. When you're outdoors, your hair is also exposed to the sun, and the sun drains the life out of it, taking its moisture, shine and volume down to zero. In order to avoid this unpleasantness, use hats, scarves, and umbrellas as a shield against harmful UV rays.
Avoid dark knees and elbows by moisturising two times daily. If you happen to run out of lotion in your home, use olive oil to massage onto dry knees and elbows. It is important for your joints to stay hydrated so they don't become dry and unattractively dark. You should also pay special attention to your elbows and knees in the shower when you're exfoliating the body. Also, rub your joints a few seconds longer than the rest of your body to keep the skin from darkening.
Use a cream highlighter on the corners of your eyes. This trick will help hide crows' feet and shadows that are often forgotten about, and you will have wide and bright eyes that don't look tired. Next, take a powder that is one shade darker than your natural skin tone to use on both sides of your nose, chin or jaw line, and below the apples of your cheeks. This creates the illusion of having a slimmer face, and any woman can appreciate this.
If you have a pear-shaped body, keep attention away from your thighs, by opting for jeans that have a loose fit, such as the boot-cut style or those with flared hems.
After you apply vour black mascara, go over it with blue mascara. It won't look blue but will instead give the illusion of having sparkling white eyes, which give an appearance of youth.
Put your eye cream and moisturisers in the fridge to keep them cool, which makes these products even more beneficial. When you wake up in the morning, your eyes can be puffy, dark, and have visible veins; but once you massage cool, soothing lotions and creams onto your face, your puffy eyes will be magically cured.
If you have dandruff, dissolve two aspirin tablets in your dandruff shampoo and then wash your hair.
For a deeper colour of mehendi on your hands/feet, apply Vicks vaporub after scraping off the dried mehendi.
if you wake up late and don't have time for a shower one day, keep a stack of baby wipes which you can quickly use to give yourself a once you feeling clean and fresh.
To cure ulcers and burns, apply honey under a dry dressing every two or three days.
Corn starch can provide relief for rashes like chicken pox, measles, insect bites or hives. For measles and chicken pox, bathe in a tub of water to which a large handful of cornstarch has been added. For the other rashes rub the cornstarch on as a powder.
The air inside your house can get very dry in the winter. This will play a major part in aggravating your dry skin condition. To add humidity to the dry air in your house, put a little extra water in the kettle when you're boiling water. Leave the kettle on the burner as it cools. It will continue to steam for 10 to 15 minutes, making your life a whole lot more comfortable. Using colour to balance your body is a great idea. Wear light colours where you are small, and dark colours where larger. For example, if you have large hips, wear dark skirts or pants and a light coloured blouse. Wearing set-in sleeves with shoulder, pads will help you to balance wide hips. The shoulder pads will add to your shoulders, therefore balancing with your hips.
Always break in new shoes before wearing them out for a specials occasion. Moreover, sprinkle them with talcum powder to help avoid shoe-bites.
Give a new updated look to an old blouse or jacket by sewing on new buttons.
Pleats add pounds. If you want to look larger through the hips, wear pleats. If you don't, avoid pleats!
When you buy an everyday item, try to think of at least three things you already own that you can wear with that item.
Wear tops or dresses that have a scoop neckline with half or long sleeves to hide heavy arms and draw attention to the face and neck.
Clothes in solid colours with simple lines will make you appear taller.
Wear straight silhouettes in a solid colour to hide a thick waist.
The thinner the stripe, the thinner you appear.
A straight cut skirt and full leg pants will hide large thighs.
Smile! It's your best accessory; use it to its full advantage.

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