Steaming Shadows - Eye Beauty Tips

 Become the focus of everyone's gaze with bright eye shadows this monsoon. Spice up your makeup with these sought-after hues, and tips on how to get it right.

Shimmering Stars

 If you are still a novice when it comes to makeup, this look is for you! This global style is easy and very chic. Take your favourite shade and swoop it on the eyelid. You can also tone down the hue according as per your complexion or preference. Apply a stroke of eye pencil and mascara to finish this sensuous look.
Double the Love
Try two tones on the eyelid combining the season's hottest shades. Rather than merging the shades, retain their individuality. Apply blue in the inner corner of the eyes and blend it out. Grab another brush to apply a light shimmery green in the centre of the lid. Don't forget to finish off with mascara.
Quirky Cat-eye
This simple, classic cat-eye trend is a classic wonder in the beauty world. It works for all seasons and you can also wear this look on a bare face. If you think this trend is too bold for you, rather than covering the full eyelid, try to tone it down and wing out your liner. It's easy, yet it still makes a beautiful statement.
Mermaid Eyes
Make a statement with three shades! Choose an eye-shadow palette with white, tangerine and purple. Grab a flat brush and apply white on the very inner corner of the eye to highlight your look. Now merge a hint of orange in the centre of the lid and blend it out. To finish the look, densely blend purple hue on the outer lid below the bro

Few easy to create D.I.Y. styles - Hair care Tips

• If you have wavy to curly hair, take some mousse and scrunch hair when wet. Scrunch it with an upward hand movement into the hair, and bend a little, with head turning on either side.

If you have wavy hair, along with bangs, use an anti-frizz serum on the bangs when they are semi-wet. Comb them together and pin them up tightly upwards until they dry out completely. Then remove the pin and you will get much straighter and more manageable bangs.
• If it's difficult to maintain a side-parting, try creating it by using tic-tac pins. Comb the hair sideways on either side of the parting, secure them with the pins such that there is a pull felt on the newly-created parting, Leave it overnight. Continue doing this for 15-20 days at a stretch.
• If you have straight strands, and want a funky crimped look, you simply need to apply some mousse on wet hair and then tie small braids all over your hair. Leave them overnight and release the braids the next morning. Viola! You'll have lovely crimped hair!
• To get a wavy look, or a flip-out one on your straight hair, apply mousse and wrap your hair around the Velcro rollers. Leave it on overnight and remove the rollers in the morning for gorgeous waves.
After scrunching your hair with the help of some mousse (refer to the first bullet point), secure the front hair with bobby pins, leaving out a few curly strands around the face. If you want a messy updo, continue to secure the back hair, too, after twisting them up like one does for a French roll, but expose the loose ends to make the curly ends sit on the crown. Do this for a super-attrative evening look


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