SUMMER INVENTION WITH KERATIN - Freedom to sport new hair-look every day.

 Summer can play havoc with the hair with prolonged exposure to the sun. Inevitable perspiration and humidity that accompany the season can worsen the situation.

It's important to always keep the hair hydrated; so have enormous intake of water. Deep-conditioning at least twice a week during summers is of vital importance. Experts recommend using a leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture. Use scarfs if your are too much outdoors during the day. It keeps your head cool and helps in retaining hair moisture.
Dry shampoos, mists and beerinfused products are catching consumer interest. There are also new target-specific shampoos and conditioners. In order to keep your locks squeaky clean, you can use a clarifying or detox shampoo once a week. But amidst all this the customer faces crisis in choosing to pick from the lot.

Buy your strand type:
Always go by what your scalp is like. Only you know your head is oily or dry. Don't listen to a friend or a shopkeeper and just blindly buy any shampoo or a conditioner. Regardless of brand or price, pick your options based on the texture and elasticity of your strands and you can't go wrong! Go for sample if you are really interested in purchasing a new one. Buy hair oil, oiling your hair is of utmost importance in summers as it nourishes them.

If you are regularly styling your hair then soaring temperatures can make any hair bad and smelly. Keep your tresses chemical-free and try styling at home.
You can definitely try Philips new kerashine range. It's a home parlour. Just the thought of being your own hairstylist amazes me. Style your hair everyday sans parlour chemicals with the unbeatable range of kerashine by Philips. Yes girl, you can create glamorous hairstyles at home without spending huge bucks at parlour from different styles.
Kera Shine Hairdryer protects hair from overheating and keeps them shiny and healthy. The first-time ever used EHD (Even Heat Distribution) technology ensures heat is always distributed very evenly and uniquely. Kera Shine Straightener is also equally amazing. Many renowned hairstylists recommend kerashine range for home styling. The best part is that it comes equipped with keratin, which is known for its goodness for hair strength, and growth. Out of the three products, the ace is Kera Shine Glam Styler which gives volume to hair and helps create a wide variety of hairstyles from curls to rolls. The result is always healthy bangs. Its retractable bristles are unique in design to ensure perfect results and make styling as easy as combing your hair.
Yes ladies, It pays to ensure what you're using on your hair is of a high quality. The results are hassle-free, nourished shiny thick hair.

Trimming your ends will not only keep your hairstyle in check. It will also get rid of split ends, which create all types of hair issues.
Clean eating for clean hair: Our final hair-care habit is also good for your well-being. Opting for clean, unprocessed foods whenever possible will help to keep your health and your hair in check. Veggies, fruits are a great stress-buster for hair. Specifically, amla, almonds, cucumber are great to keep your hair very well behaved.

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