How to look younger without cosmetics - FASCINATING FACE YOGA

Since 2002 the anti-ageing skincare market in the USA has consistently generated over two billion U.S. dollars in retail sales annually. The complete year-wise pattern can be seen on the website, which also predicts a similar trend for 2015. In India too, it's an ever burgeoning market with an endless variety of make-up, creams and cosmetic treatments being introduced to fight those natural but less than flattering changes that accompany the process of growing older: primarily fine lines and wrinkles.
In a world that is perhaps increasingly obsessed with outer appearances - what with the constant exposure to unrealistic images of flawless beauty and unfading youthfulness – it can be overwhelming and frustrating to pick the right anti-ageing products, even more so when the chemicals and artificial components of such products can sometimes end up doing more harm than good to the delicate tissues of the skin.
So what is the way out? How can you keep yourself looking healthy and young without having to choose from an endless variety of products offering magical results? Well, why not go the natural way and introduce face yoga to your daily beauty regime?
Face yoga or face pilates are a set of facial exercises that work the muscles and the skin of the face, using facial expressions and massaging with the fingers. Routines are designed to increase blood circulation, lift the muscles, and relive stress in order to help your skin look firmer and healthier.
Historical figures such as the famed Egyptian queen Cleopatra, French courtesans, and the empresses of the ancient Chinese Imperial Court were known to use facial exercises to maintain their youthful appearances. Since then, traditional Chinese facial exercises have been used to this day.
As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. If you're starting to notice the fine lines and wrinkles that can begin showing up on your face as early as your twenties, try the following simple exercises and watch them gradually disappear rather than turn into full-fledged wrinkles:


Stand in front of a mirror and imagine your forehead to be a smooth piece of glass or any other smooth surface you can visualise. Visualisation is the key to achieving the best results from yoga. Place the fingertips of both hands vertically on the centre of your forehead and gently push them outward toward your hairline, applying a slight pressure. Repeat twice to make a set. Do a total of three such sets, making sure to use a firm yet gentle smoothing motion each time.
Place the tip of each index finger on the outer corner of each eyebrow. Gently pull your eyebrows outward toward the hairline and close your eyes. This relaxes the muscles around the eyes and improves blood circulation. Repeat only twice.
Gaining consciousness
Again, looking at the mirror imagine your forehead to be a smooth piece of glass. Now, open your eyes as wide as you can without any wrinkle appearing on your forehead. Then focus your gaze on a point just below your nose for five10 seconds and release. Repeat this four times and each time become aware that you need not wrinkle your forehead every time you widen or narrow your eyes. Make a conscious effort from day to day to not wrinkle your forehead when talking, frowning, or experiencing stress.
Looking at the mirror, raise your eyebrows as high as you can. Then, using the fingertips of both hands,smooth out the wrinkles that have appeared on your forehead, moving with a brushing motion from the outer tips of the eyebrows towards the hairline. Repeat twice.
Full face stretch
Finally, it's time to exercise all the muscles on your face at once. First, take a deep breath in and clench your hands into tight fists. Scrunch up your eyes and nose and all the other muscles on your face. Hold for a second or two, then exhale and stick your tongue out, at the same time stretching your palms wide and opening your eyes as big as you can and rolling them. Repeat this twice to wind up your face yoga routine designed to counter the early signs of wrinkles on your face.
For maximum results, allot a specific time daily to devote to this routine. A little while before bed is a good time, and to further enhance the results, you can follow it up by rubbing an ice cube wrapped in a cotton cloth all over your face. This works wonders in firming up the skin and lending a beautiful glow to your face. Be sure to wrap the ice in a cotton cloth as direct contact of ice with the skin can damage the delicate capillary network below the surface of the skin.
Apart from the exercises explained above, there is a plethora of other face yoga routines to address specific concerns like faceslimming, wrinkles around the eyes, a double chin, etc. However, be sure to consult a specialist before attempting anything too intense and remember never to overdo any exercise in an attempt to speed up results. You may end up doing a lot more harm than good and often such damage is irreversible. So, take it easy and remember that the best way to combat age is to keep the mind young – stress less, take the time to do the things you enjoy, spend time with people who make you happy and get rid of unnecessary burdens.

FRIZZY HAIR? Shampooing is not a solution - Hair care Tips

One of the most common problems for people with curly hair is the frizz. A lot of magazines and papers give solutions and a lot of online forum groups discuss this and a lot of shampoos and conditioners are out. People who have really frizzy and curly hair will know that, in spite of getting all those products, and having followed those tips, the hair shows very little change.

The frizz problem can be controlled only if you understand your hair and give it the care it needs.
No matter how much care you take and no matter how patient you are, your hairstyle is almost all the time ruined. When you think you just set your hair right, you see a strand
slowly protruding. It's not just your hair. A lot of girls and women all over the globe face the problem.

The type of your hair depends on the follicles. There are three kinds of them – round, oval and the really flattened ones. Straight hair grows from round follicles, wavy hair from oval, and curly hair from the flat follicles. If you can get the structure of your hair from a biology book, you'll see that it has certain glands which secrete oil. Now it is this oil that keeps your hair healthy, smooth and maintained. The curly hair does not stick to the scalp – that's the design of your hair - and so, gets not much of this natural hair. So, naturally, the hair becomes dry. When your hair is dry, it is not healthy and tends to break off quickly. When the leftover pieces of broken hair remains, they obviously stick out in different direction making the hair frizzy.
Unfortunately, science has not advanced enough to change the shape of your follicles. So, you cannot do any permanent change to the kind of your hair. What you can do with a little patience is to make your hair less dry, so it is healthier. That way, it breaks less and reduces frizz. People think if their hair isn't curly any more, it wouldn't be frizzy and often straighten it. That just makes the hair drier and the newly growing hair would surely grow curly. Shampooing your hair is definitely not at all the answer. In fact, really curly and frizzy hair would be a lot better if the chemicals are kept away from them.

Shampoo is just a perfumed cleaning agent. It does not do anything else, no matter what the label says. While it's in the cleaning process, it removes all the natural oil from the hair which frizzy haired people just cannot afford to lose. A lot of people just dump in a lot of conditioner after shampooing – yes, conditioners certainly help, but why spend all the money on your shampoo to remove the oil and then spend on the conditioners again to nourish your hair?
By altering the caring method of our hair, it certainly can be made less frizzy. Here's how:

Wash your hair but not with shampoo. Remember, the whole point of shampooing is just to "clean" you hair. Try the no-poo method. But if you must use a shampoo, go for the one that says anti-frizz or smoothening or things like that on the label. Even then it's better to apply it on the root and leave the rest of your hair alone.
Do not blow-dry your hair. Run your hand through the wet hair and let it dry naturally. Apply a heavy leave-in conditioner.
Do not wash your hair in hot water.
If it's hard water running in your tap, install a water softener as hard water does make your hair very frizzy.
Apply plenty of oil on the scalp and massage it for a few minutes. Then oil the entire portion of your hair. Be generous - give your hair a lot of oil. Get a thick cotton towel and dip it in hot water and wrap it over the oiled head. Repeat again once the towel dries.
Whenever possible, a yolk, olive oil, almond oil etc, and wash your hair. Leaving the oil in your hair overnight helps a lot.
Use wide-toothed combs. Do not brush your hair.
Drink a lot of water. Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables.
Reducing smoking and drinking lessen the drying up of the scalp. The healthier the body is, healthier your hair is.
Do not colour, bleach, or straighten your hair as it involves a lot of heat and will surely damage your hair.
No-poo is a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to wash your hair. But do not use a lot of baking soda. That would dry your hair.
Unflavoured gelatin can be used instead of gels.
A lot of hair-care products can be replaced by natural ingredients which even if they do really show a huge difference surely would not damage your hair. Just taking a little pain in searching on the Internet would give you a lot of results from people following the natural method. Or probably taking some time to get your grandma's recipe would help too. It's your hair understanding its need and having the patience to care for it is necessary. Trust me on this one, when you see your hair healthy and gorgeous in its own unique way, you are going to be so happy. It's definitely worth all the pain.

GLYCERINE It's a beauty benefit - Beauty Tips

Glycerine or glycerol is a natural remedy used for skin care and healthy, lustrous hair. This odourless and colourless compound has a sweet-tasting tinge, usually present in cough syrups and elixirs. It is also an essential ingredient in creams, soaps, and body scrubs. Therefore, glycerine soothes all skin types and cleanses the skin from acne, wrinkles, fine lines and skin infections. It is also a mild and safe beauty ingredient with no side effects.

Acts as an antidote for dry skin

Dry skin can be a real problem, especially during the winter months. Glycerine can help you with that. Add a few drops of water to glycerine and apply to your skin directly. When applied, it will form a protective shield on your skin, preventing dryness. It helps in trapping the moisture from the air and thereby adds to the moisture in your skin. If you use this moisture-control compound it will regulate the oil content in your skin while keeping your skin supple and soft.
Gives you wrinkle-free skin
If you are looking to have smooth and wrinkle-free skin, glycerine is the remedy for you. When you apply it to your skin, it penetrates into its intracellular layer and pumps your skin with a good amount of moisture content. It maintains the cells while preventing wrinkles. A regular face massage with this can enhance the elasticity of your skin.
Heals scars
Glycerine helps in healing and removing scars caused by skin infections, acne or even wounds. You need to apply diluted or raw glycerine at least twice a day on your skin for effective results. It helps boost the cell metabolism of the areas plagued by scars while repairing the damaged tissues.
Prevents eczema and psoriasis
Skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis can be prevented with this key ingredient. It is multi-purpose in nature as it helps hydrate your skin and can prevent the outburst of lesions at the same time. It also provides relief from excessive skin irritation and itching. Glycerine can therefore help your skin maintain its natural glow while keeping it moisture-laden.
Maintains curly hair
Maintaining curly hair is often a challenge. It is prone to dry and frizzy texture. However, glycerine helps draw moisture from the air to the shafts in the hair. It works as a potent hair conditioner since curly hair can easily fall prey to dryness.

Glycerine with fuller's earth

You can make a face pack by using glycerine with fuller's earth. Add water to the ingredients to make a paste. Apply the paste on your face and neck. Keep it on for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water. This face pack can help you achieve soft and hydrated skin.
Glycerine, milk, honey and oats
In order to unclog and cleanse skin pores, you can make a paste using glycerine, honey, milk and oats. You will need to add one tablespoon of glycerine with two tablespoons each of honey and milk. Mix the ingredients well till it forms a paste. Add oatmeal to the existing mixture and apply the paste to your face. This pack will ensure radiant skin. Here are some more homemade face packs with oats you could use.
Glycerine and honey
Glycerine and honey can be mixed together to create a potent mask for dry skin. After mixing, apply the pack to dry surfaces on the body. Keep the solution on for close to 20 minutes before washing it off with cold water. This remedy will infuse your skin with moisture, removing any trace of dryness on the skin.
Glycerine and water
Equal amounts of both glycerine and water can be mixed to form a potent hair spray. The mixture can be stored in a bottle in order to maintain curly hair. It serves as an effective hair conditioner.



• Use a high SPF moisturiser (30 to 50) or foundation for getting soft and beautiful skin as well as proper UV protection. Try to replace liquid or cream foundations with tinted oilfree moisturiser to avoid caking up of the face due to sweating in summers.
• Eyeliner often smudges very easily in the heat and humidity. Use a powder eye-shadow rather than pencil or liquid liner for lining your eyes. If you are going in the pool or are at a beach, skip the liner.
• Eye-shadows crease and melt due to perspiration, heat and humidity. If you are planning to wear an eye shadow, make sure to apply a primer first to keep your shadow in place. Choose light eye-shadow colours that are close to your skin tone.
• Make sure to use a waterproof formula if you want to wear mascara. Use brown-black rather jet black and only apply one coat. Use mascara only on your top lashes for a natural look this summer.
•Store your cosmetics in a cool and dry place as hot and humid conditions are ideal bacterial breeding grounds. Clean your eye make-up brushes regularly with cleaning sprays or mild natural shampoo.
A few quick and easy exercises suggested  which will help in relieving the eye strain and keeping them healthy, are:
Sit comfortably and rub your hands together to make them warm. Keep the eyes closed and cover them lightly with your cupped palms. Don't apply any pressure on your eyeballs. Place your palms so that the eyes are covered properly. Make sure that there are no gaps between fingers so no light rays enter the eyes. Do deep breathing slowly. Relax like that for three-five minutes and then uncover the eyes. Repeat the palming for three minutes or more.
Convergence exercise
Hold a pencil in front of you at arm's length. Move your arm slowly to your nose, and follow the pencil with your eyes until you can't keep it in focus. Repeat 10 times. This will strengthen the eye muscles responsible for convergence.
Change of focus
Focus on a distant object for few seconds and slowly refocus your eyes on a nearby object at arm's length. Focus for 20 seconds and go back to the distant object. Do this five times. Taking short breaks while working on the computer to stare out to a distant object also reduces eyestrain.
Always consult your eye doctor before doing any of these exercises. Don't do the exercises with your contact lenses on. Do not apply pressure on your eyes.
It is more important to do the exercises regularly than to do those for a long time in one go. Do this for at least a few days and you should notice that, when you finish working, your eyes aren't as tired as usual and start your day with shining and relaxed eyes

All you mothers, give your li'l girls healthy and beautiful locks with these miracle hair foods

 There are hair foods that can transform your tresses from dull to dazzling in a jiffy. And these products are right in your kitchen. Tried and tested for years, these ingredients have been used in hair care and the recipes have been handed down from mother to daughter for generations. After all, mother knows best.

“A hair massage stimulates blood flow to the follicles to activate them, and also cools and relaxes the scalp through the medium of oil. Every mother should oil her daughter's hair at least once a week, as this also creates a special bonding between them.”
From her early years itself, treat your little princess' hair with utmost care, so that she goes on to have healthy and gorgeous hair.

The power and popularity of this white wonder is not unknown to anyone. Mix it with certain other ingredients for strong and shiny hair, and to beat dry and frizzy hair woes.
The main component of hair is protein. Milk is a high-quality protein food and should be consumed regularly, especially by vegetarians.
It also contains fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and various other minerals. Vitamins such as folate, B6 and biotin help in hair growth, and so does calcium. Milk also has high-quality proteins such as whey and casein, and trace amounts of iron and zinc, which are beneficial, too. Adults, who are weight watchers, should have low-fat milk.

Honey is known for its medicinal and healing properties, and aids in weight loss, too.
Honey contains iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, vitamins B and C, enzymes and amino acids. It can be applied externally for beauty purposes, as it is a powerful humectant. A humectant attracts moisture from the atmosphere to the skin or hair.
There is a common misconception that honey, when applied to hair, leads to greying. However, there is no evidence that honey leads to greying of hair, as it isn't a bleaching agent. In fact, honey makes hair soft, smooth, lustrous and healthy.
Massaging coconut oil stimulates blood circulation to the follicles and softens hair texture. However, don't rub vigorously. Pure coconut oil is most commonly used in India. It is nourishing and promotes hair growth, too.
Coconut milk is rich in protein, essential fats, iron and manganese, and helps hair growth. Apply it to the hair, leave it for two hours and rinse with plain water. This makes hair soft, silky and manageable.
Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and E, and iron, too, and is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It has several nourishing, moisturising and conditioning properties, and improves the strength and elasticity of hair. It is one of the best sources of oleic acid and omega-9 fatty acids.
It can be used either in a hot oil treatment or mixed as one of the nourishing ingredients in a hair mask. Small amounts of olive oil combed through dry, curly and frizzy hair will help tame the strands.
olive oil hair treatments help reduce the stress caused by the chemicals in products. A treatment with egg yolks and olive oil smoothens and moisturises the hair, and provides lustre, too.
They are crunchy and yummy, and extremely healthy, too!
Rich in iron, copper, phosphorous, vitamin B1 and proteins, almonds help in the formation of haemoglobin and new cells, which, in turn, keep hair healthy. Almond oil mixed with two-three teaspoons of almond milk is a satisfying meal for our hair roots.
This 'king of nuts' is a highly nutritious food. Almonds contain vitamin E, which is a strong antioxidant that protects hair from pollution and UV rays. One of the causes of hair loss is zinc deficiency and almonds contain zinc in fairly good amount.”
The best way to consume almonds is to blanch them and peel the skin before eating. The peel absorbs the harmful alkaloids present in these nuts.
Just one a day can keep a number of health-related issues away
Eggs are packed with proteins and essential amino acids. They promote healthy hair, thanks to their high sulphur content, and vitamins (A, D and E) and minerals present in them.”
The high protein and lecithin content in eggs strengthen hair follicles, thus minimising breakage and providing smoothness. The nutrients condition the hair and add volume, shine and texture. An egg white or yolk is often mixed with olive oil, lemon juice or avocado to make a hair mask and conditioner.
The yolk, thanks to its high nutritive value, protects hair from chlorine, pollution and harmful UV rays.
Curry leaves
They add the quintessential flavour to any Indian curry or gravy.
Curry leaves or kadi patta are loaded with vitamins B1, B2, B3, B9 and C. They are rich in beta-carotene, iron, calcium and phosphorus. They give a darker pigment and a healthy sheen to the hair. Mothers who have experienced early greying could save their daughters from this plight by massaging curry leaves with other juices to maintain darker hair.
Soak 10-15 almonds overnight. Next morning, peel and grind them with some warm water and 15 curry leaves to make a thick, velvety paste. Massage it to the scalp for five minutes and then wash your hair with a mild herbal shampoo. This can be done at least once a week.

Summer Season Beauty care Tips - The Change Maker

Much as we love the summer holidays, the season brings with it necessary changes that are essential for a fun, stress-(and sweat-) free summer.

Dress up and play

The sun is a source of life, but it can also be pretty harsh during the summer. While we can't fight it, we certainly can make some changes to our lifestyle in order to live in harmony with the hot ball of fire.
Clothes and lifestyle habits are the two areas where we can make a change. It's only logical that woollens, faux furs, et al get confined to the back of the closet as cottons, linens and muslins come out. A short cotton skirt or long linen pants is all that it takes to make you a stylish summer goddess!
Dying for an occasion to wear that pretty one-shoulder dress? Bring it right out, because there will never be a better time than summer. Summer season validates wearing dresses to almost any occasion, a definite plus for the hot months. That was the easy part. Now, for the difficult bit – exercise. Working out in the heat is one of the most unpalatable things. Swimming is one of the best ways to stay fit, and a sure-shot way to beat the heat. Dance or sports are also great ways of losing weight without actually working out. Since we sweat more during summers, the calories burn off faster, making weight loss easier.
Pamper your skin
Exercising has the added benefit of improving the skin's texture. And summer can definitely take a toll on skin health. Sweat can cause outbreaks on the face and exposure to the sun can lead to sunstroke or rashes. To avoid this, never leave the house without applying generous amount of sunscreen. Sunscreens or sunblock sprays are a must, no matter what time of the year, but summers require your skin to be more diligently protected.
The kind of protection that one needs depends on the individual's skin type and the amount of sun exposure. The market has everything from products with SPF 15, all the way up to 100, SO select one that suits you best. Skeyndor, Lotus Herbals and Eminence Organic have products, which provide great sun protection. "Prolonged exposure to sun and aggressive skin treatments can cause skin ailments such as sun burn and dehydration. It could also cause blemishes, pimples and pigmentation that could lead to skin cancer. Harsh skin treatments and staying in the sun for too long should be avoided.
Water plays an important part in skincare, since up to 60 per cent or more of our body is made up of water. During summers, when we perspire excessively, we lose a lot of water, and therefore, need to drink more of it. Lack of sufficient water intake causes dry skin, acne, fine lines and wrinkles.
Summer is no excuse to look like something the cat dragged in, so, by all means, apply make-up. But remember to keep it light and use products that are sweat-proof. Pastel colours are reminiscent of beaches and balmy climate, perfect for the weather. Additionally, "Light blue, pale pink and light violet are some of the many shades you can apply on your eyelids.
Gourmet's day out
And now, comes my personal favourite - food! For all the food lovers out there who think that summertime is bad because we need to make boring changes to our diet on account of the weather, think again! Rich, heavy foodstuffs aren't the best things to have during summers, but, the alternatives are surely not unexciting.
Cucumber, carrots, onions, tomatoes, zucchini and celery may sound lacklustre on their own, but throw them together in a salad and you have a healthy, tasty meal. Leafy vegetables such as spinach also work wonders during this time. All of these have antioxidants that help minimise skin damage caused due to prolonged sun exposure. The vitamin B in these vegetables also helps prevent dry skin, rashes and itching.
Watermelon and musk melon, which have high water content, will keep you hydrated, even as the mercury soars.
Now that the dos are taken care of here are some don'ts. As far as possible, avoid fatty or fried foodstuffs, meats and cheese. Coffee, chocolate, colas and alcohol intake should also be kept to a minimum, since they contain chemical additives, which aren't good for summers.
Equipped with these nuggets of wisdom, you certainly can't go wrong on the health watch front.

Beauty tips for Mom

 This Mother's Day skip the usual flowers and chocolates and treat your mother to an experience she will cherish forever. Vadamalli out beauty treatments that are sure to make your mom feel so good.
Mother's Day is fast approaching. So give your mom a treatment she truly deserves. Clothes, jewellery and kitchen tools are passé; this year, indulge her with a relaxing spa treatment. share some tips.
Life begins at 40
After the age of 40, women start experiencing a lot of physical and psychological changes. A few changes that are common to all are hot flushes, mood swings and feelings of loneliness. These changes are mainly due to the decreasing levels of oestrogen, the hormone produced by ovaries. Therefore, most experts believe that a woman should lay more emphasis on her personal hygiene and wellness during this period of her life. From regular facials to keep the skin tight, to massages that ease tensed muscles, hitting the spa often is very essential.
Here are some treatments you can gift your mothers.

hydrating skin treatments
One of the biggest problems experienced due to ageing skin is dryness. This is faced even by women who have excessively oily skin during their early years. It is necessary to tackle dry skin and give it ample nourishment to keep signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines at bay. The best way to do so is with the help of hydrating skin treatments. The Ayurvedic treatment, Abhyanga, or the Swedish deep tissue massage, help to nourish the skin's superficial level. The movements used during these massages also help relax the body and make the skin glow. Another moisturising treatment you can opt for is a hydrating facial. Facials done using essential oils, botanical extracts and nourishing ingredients such as milk, honey, banana and seaweed battle dryness, fight signs of ageing and tighten sagging skin.
Skin brightening  and polishing treatments
Other problems faced by ageing skin include pigmentation, excessive flaking and dullness. A rejuvenating facial that tackles these issues can be a great gift for your mother. Skin brightening and polishing facials are rich in ingredients such as papaya, lemon, rice flour, sea algae and antioxidants. These help to soften the skin and visibly improve its natural radiance, appearance and texture. The same can be said for skin polishing treatments that help get rid of the dead skin and improve tonicity (firmness).

Firming eye treatment
An eye treatment is perfect to tackle the very first sign of ageing, which appears around the eyes. It will also be a perfect treat for your mother, especially if she is an avid television watcher. It helps battle eye strain, computer headaches and stress. Eye treatments also firm up the thin skin around the eyes and relax tensed muscles. Most treatments use ingredients such as seaweed extracts, green tea and vitamin C, which help in reducing the appearance of fine lines and provide protection against environmental damage. They also help tackle under-eye circles and puffy eyes.
Shirodhara treatment
Another complaint in ageing women is lack of sleep or insomnia. A sure shot way to ensure that your mother sleeps like a baby is treating her to a Shirodhara treatment. This head massage involves the application of a medicated oil that soothes tense muscles, reduces stress and eases sleep-related woes. The warm medicated oil, which continuously falls on the forehead during this treatment, triggers the third-eye chakra and releases the happy hormone known as serotonin. This instantly perks one up and makes you feel light and happy.
Foot reflexology
Out of all spa treatments, nothing relaxes the entire body in a jiffy like foot reflexology. If done well, it brings about a deep state of relaxation that is a must for all busy mummies. Foot reflexology is apt for women who don't have time to indulge in long treatments. This treatment involves stroking of the feet and the application of certain hand and finger techniques that improve blood flow to vital organs. This helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to various organs and nourishes body tissues, too. Since the treatment is deeply relaxing, it helps battle mood swings to a large extent

Face is the index of the mind. Caring for it at the right time can prevent signs of aging - Beauty care Tips

Everyone would like to look as young as they probably can, particularly once they reach their mid thirties or early forties.
It's around this age that most people first begin to see the appearance of fine lines, especially around one's eyes which is the first symptom of aging. There are ways to delay the aging process by leading a healthy lifestyle and with the help of nature.

Common causes of premature wrinkles Smoking

Smoking is one of the most common causes of premature wrinkles. Smoking boosts the aging process and hastens the appearance of wrinkles. The huge amount of free radicals produced by smoke from cigarette is one of the major causes for premature wrinkles. If you want to stay young and prevent wrinkles, stop smoking right now and choose a healthy way of life. Sun Over exposure in the sun is not good for your skin. The damage caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun is very harmful, leading to premature wrinkles. Stay out of the sun as far as possible. Always protect your skin from the sun by applying a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 to all exposed areas of the body.
Exposure to air pollutants, dust, chemicals and harsh lights are very harmful for the skin. Exposure to extreme pollution can lead to premature wrinkles and damage your skin badly. Remember to cleanse your face and hands when you get back after work. Before going to bed make a habit of washing and moisturizing your face and hands and apply a good night cream which will help to rejuvenate your skin as you sleep.
Facial movements
Home remedies
Honey and Glycerin: Mix two drops of honey, glycerin, and olive oil each and massage your skin.
Pineapple Juice:
Applying the juice of pineapple over the face will reduce the wrinkles. Allow this juice to dry on your face for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off.
Ginger and Honey:
Drinking one teaspoon of ginger by mixing some honey in it will make your skin glow and will delay the formation of wrinkles as well.
Tomato magic:
Mash the tomato and apply it as a mask or you can slice the tomato in half and then just massage your face & neck with it. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash your face.
Avoid frowning and squinting a lot. If you need to squint to see it is better to get your eyes checked and get a pair of glasses or contact lenses. Wrinkling the forehead now and then and puckering the lips will damage the skin and cause premature wrinkles.
 Weight Loss
Rapid weight loss can cause wrinkles as the amounts of the fat cells (which have a cushioning effect) are significantly reduced. This causes the skin to sag and crease. Face wrinkles after weight loss is a very common problem and there are several facial exercises that you can include in your daily schedule to help increase muscle tone and prevent wrinkles.
Loss of Vitamin E
An essential vitamin for younger and healthier skin is Vitamin E. Depletion of this important vitamin can cause the skin quality to deteriorate. Include foods that are rich in Vitamin E in your daily diet to help your skin remain healthy and wrinkle free. You can also apply Vitamin E oil to your face every night. This will help to eliminate wrinkles and improve the texture of your skin. Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants and helps to protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants are an essential part for skin care as they bind free radicals and prevent them from skin damage.
Preventing wrinkles:
Start sleeping on your back
Sleeping on the side or belly with the face on the pillow, is a common cause leading to wrinkle formation. People practicing this pose usually get a diagonal crease on their forehead which runs just above their eyebrows. Sleeping on your back eliminates this problem. Therefore, try not to sleep on the side or on your belly. When the face is in constant contact with the pillow, the odds of developing wrinkles are much higher.
Eat a Balanced diet
A good balanced diet is a must for healthy, youthful looking skin. Eat a balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, seeds, nuts and legumes. A well balanced diet definitely helps to keep your skin healthy. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes; they dry the skin and causes wrinkles to develop.
Drink plenty of fluids
 Drink at least 4-6 liters of water every day. This helps to keep the skin hydrated and to detoxify. It is one of the simplest and effective ways to hydrate and moisturize your skin from within.
Exfoliate and moisturize regularly
Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. Exfoliating helps to eliminate the dead, dry skin cells, and support the production of healthy new cells. Moisturize your skin every day before applying your make-up. Avoid using harsh soaps or solid cleansing creams; instead use natural oils such as avocado oil to remove dirt and makeup.

Well-kept secrets for the rainy season - Beauty Tips

Would be brides should have a regular skin care program from at least three months before to look pretty and gorgeous on the special day. And if you are wondering to tackle the never-ending skin problems causing havoc in this season, no need to wrack your brains to buy the right product. Give traditional beauty recipes a chance to work on your skin.
 Experts say that our skin may act strange during monsoon- sometimes dry and dehydrated and sometimes oily. This is mainly because of the alternating rain and sun. Dry skin can be prone to acne while oily skin attracts dirt and pollutants.
Here are two preventive foods to keep your skin stable in weather fluctuations. Eating these natural delectable items will undoubtedly give you that internal eternal glow, but for instant gratification of your skin needs, here's how you can indulge them
Pumpkin makes an excellent face mask ingredient for all skin types. High in Vitamin A, C and Zinc, pumpkin lightens and moisturizes assisting the other mask ingredients to absorb deeper into the skin to intensify the results.
Take 2 teaspoons of cooked or canned pumpkin, pureed, half a teaspoon honey and one quarter teaspoon milk or soymilk. Mix gently and apply to your face avoiding the eye area. Relax for 10-15 minutes while your pumpkin pie facemask gently exfoliates, nourishes and conditions your face and then rinse off with warm water.
Do you know that apples are fabulous for beautifying your complexion? The alphahydroxy fruit acids in apples are the greatest for sloughing off tired skin, and their pectin firms and tightens saggy skin, as well as heals inflammations. Pulse 12 cored apple, 2 tablespoons honey and 12 teaspoon lemon juice and apply this mixture to a clean face. With your finger tips, begin gently patting your face. Continue until the mixture feels very, very sticky; this will bring the blood to the surface of your skin, making it glow. 

Traditional Secrets to keep away the unwanted hair - Beauty Tips

If there is one thing women are definitely not fine with, is the invasion of fine hair in their body which goes a long way in diminishing feminine charm and grace. It is a menace upon the female breed that they religiously need to get rid of unwanted hair in the wrong places. However, when razors are not your best companion or session of waxing makes you howl your guts out and well, depilatories apart from dissolving hair promise to melt away the skin cells, what do you do? 

Give traditional beauty recipes a chance to work on your hair follicles and unravel a flawless and hairless experience. They will never let you down.

Gram flour (besan)

 Besan or gram flour is the best time tested ingredient that has been used with flourish to get rid of unwanted hair. Mix it with turmeric, curd and water and apply on skin. As it dries off, rub off the crumbles with hand and wash off with cold water. It weakens hair follicles, so wait for a visible reduction of unwanted hairs. Doing it two or three times a week ensures delay of hair growth and lighter hairs.
Sugar is the primal element of a much preferable homemade wax. Mix two cups of sugar with one-fourth cups each of lemon juice and water. Heat it up to 250F. As it reaches the hard ball candy stage, cool it and using a blunt knife spread onto hands and legs, then cover it for some time. Then strip in the direction of air growth.
Turmeric is an indigenous beauty aid and our grandmothers still swear by its miraculous effects. Applying a paste of turmeric powder with warm coconut oil or rock salt on the skin is supposed to arrest the growth of superfluous hair on the skin and impart softness. Turmeric can also be mixed with besan or chickpea flour along with aloe vera gel, papaya powder, milk and a pinch of fresh cream for quite beneficial results along with its famed healing powers.
The most common item in your refrigerator can be used to challenge stubborn hair growth. Make a sticky paste by blending one egg with half a table spoon of corn flour and one teaspoon of sugar. Apply and gently peel to get a flawless new look
Spearmint Tea
A favourite with the Greeks for its restorative properties, spearmint tea is probably the safest and the most painless method of hair removal. It is said to decrease the presence of the male testosterone in the female body which leads to an incidence of facial hair growth. Researchers have proof with two or five cups of spearmint tea per day can boost hair removal.
Tomato is an excellent natural bleach. Was your face to remove dirt and make up. Cut a whole tomato in half and rub it on the area of your face where you want to bleach the unwanted hair. Let the tomato juice be there on your face for 15 minutes. Rinse the residue from your face and check whether the hair got lightened. If you still think the unwanted hair is too dark, you can repeat the process.
Lemon is another remedy for reducing hair growth on the face and to remove unwanted hair. Squeeze 10 ml lemon juice into 40 ml honey and prepare a mixture. Take a cotton swab and rub this mixture in the direction of the hair growth. Rinse after 15 minutes. Repeat twice a week.

Skincare Tips for Winter Woes

For hands and feet
Mix 1tsp sugar crystals well to 1 tsp honey and 5 tsps orange or lemon juice. Massage the mixture over your elbows, hands and feet and leave for 10 mins. Wash with water after that. This will leave your hands and feet smooth and glowing.
Natural Moisturizer
Oil based moisturizers are recommended for winters. Melt some shea butter or cocoa butter along with 2 tsps of virgin olive oil. Add a tsp of aloe vera gel into this mixture. This can be a wonder homemade winter skin care. To keep away wrinkles and fine lines during winter, here is a natural anti aging lotion. Blend a small piece of cucumber, avocado and few mint leaves along with jojoba oil. Add a pinch of benzoin into the mixture and some water to make a fine paste. Strain the excess water and apply this paste on your face and hands. If you have made more, not to worry, you can store it in a bottle and use later.
Chapped lips
Chapped Lips are the biggest problem during winters. Honey is a time-tested remedy for this. Apply a thin layer of honey (recommend organic honey) over your lips before going to bed and wake up with smooth lips!
For Hairs
When it comes to hair, if you're already having dry, brittle hair, it can be worse during winters. Using hair dryers or strong shampoos will only worsen the condition. Heat pure coconut oil and apply on the scalp and hair. Remember, not to leave the hair ends. Wrap a hot towel over it and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then wash your hair with a mild herbal shampoo or using hibiscus paste. You can make it by grinding few hibiscus flowers and leaves.
Things to note:
Avoid cosmetics and hairstyling products with alcoholic content during winters. Because, alcohol strips away moisture Hot water showers make you feel great in winters. But they wreak havoc on dry skin. Try lukewarm water instead.

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