Summer Season Beauty care Tips - The Change Maker

Much as we love the summer holidays, the season brings with it necessary changes that are essential for a fun, stress-(and sweat-) free summer.

Dress up and play

The sun is a source of life, but it can also be pretty harsh during the summer. While we can't fight it, we certainly can make some changes to our lifestyle in order to live in harmony with the hot ball of fire.
Clothes and lifestyle habits are the two areas where we can make a change. It's only logical that woollens, faux furs, et al get confined to the back of the closet as cottons, linens and muslins come out. A short cotton skirt or long linen pants is all that it takes to make you a stylish summer goddess!
Dying for an occasion to wear that pretty one-shoulder dress? Bring it right out, because there will never be a better time than summer. Summer season validates wearing dresses to almost any occasion, a definite plus for the hot months. That was the easy part. Now, for the difficult bit – exercise. Working out in the heat is one of the most unpalatable things. Swimming is one of the best ways to stay fit, and a sure-shot way to beat the heat. Dance or sports are also great ways of losing weight without actually working out. Since we sweat more during summers, the calories burn off faster, making weight loss easier.
Pamper your skin
Exercising has the added benefit of improving the skin's texture. And summer can definitely take a toll on skin health. Sweat can cause outbreaks on the face and exposure to the sun can lead to sunstroke or rashes. To avoid this, never leave the house without applying generous amount of sunscreen. Sunscreens or sunblock sprays are a must, no matter what time of the year, but summers require your skin to be more diligently protected.
The kind of protection that one needs depends on the individual's skin type and the amount of sun exposure. The market has everything from products with SPF 15, all the way up to 100, SO select one that suits you best. Skeyndor, Lotus Herbals and Eminence Organic have products, which provide great sun protection. "Prolonged exposure to sun and aggressive skin treatments can cause skin ailments such as sun burn and dehydration. It could also cause blemishes, pimples and pigmentation that could lead to skin cancer. Harsh skin treatments and staying in the sun for too long should be avoided.
Water plays an important part in skincare, since up to 60 per cent or more of our body is made up of water. During summers, when we perspire excessively, we lose a lot of water, and therefore, need to drink more of it. Lack of sufficient water intake causes dry skin, acne, fine lines and wrinkles.
Summer is no excuse to look like something the cat dragged in, so, by all means, apply make-up. But remember to keep it light and use products that are sweat-proof. Pastel colours are reminiscent of beaches and balmy climate, perfect for the weather. Additionally, "Light blue, pale pink and light violet are some of the many shades you can apply on your eyelids.
Gourmet's day out
And now, comes my personal favourite - food! For all the food lovers out there who think that summertime is bad because we need to make boring changes to our diet on account of the weather, think again! Rich, heavy foodstuffs aren't the best things to have during summers, but, the alternatives are surely not unexciting.
Cucumber, carrots, onions, tomatoes, zucchini and celery may sound lacklustre on their own, but throw them together in a salad and you have a healthy, tasty meal. Leafy vegetables such as spinach also work wonders during this time. All of these have antioxidants that help minimise skin damage caused due to prolonged sun exposure. The vitamin B in these vegetables also helps prevent dry skin, rashes and itching.
Watermelon and musk melon, which have high water content, will keep you hydrated, even as the mercury soars.
Now that the dos are taken care of here are some don'ts. As far as possible, avoid fatty or fried foodstuffs, meats and cheese. Coffee, chocolate, colas and alcohol intake should also be kept to a minimum, since they contain chemical additives, which aren't good for summers.
Equipped with these nuggets of wisdom, you certainly can't go wrong on the health watch front.

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