Well-kept secrets for the rainy season - Beauty Tips

Would be brides should have a regular skin care program from at least three months before to look pretty and gorgeous on the special day. And if you are wondering to tackle the never-ending skin problems causing havoc in this season, no need to wrack your brains to buy the right product. Give traditional beauty recipes a chance to work on your skin.
 Experts say that our skin may act strange during monsoon- sometimes dry and dehydrated and sometimes oily. This is mainly because of the alternating rain and sun. Dry skin can be prone to acne while oily skin attracts dirt and pollutants.
Here are two preventive foods to keep your skin stable in weather fluctuations. Eating these natural delectable items will undoubtedly give you that internal eternal glow, but for instant gratification of your skin needs, here's how you can indulge them
Pumpkin makes an excellent face mask ingredient for all skin types. High in Vitamin A, C and Zinc, pumpkin lightens and moisturizes assisting the other mask ingredients to absorb deeper into the skin to intensify the results.
Take 2 teaspoons of cooked or canned pumpkin, pureed, half a teaspoon honey and one quarter teaspoon milk or soymilk. Mix gently and apply to your face avoiding the eye area. Relax for 10-15 minutes while your pumpkin pie facemask gently exfoliates, nourishes and conditions your face and then rinse off with warm water.
Do you know that apples are fabulous for beautifying your complexion? The alphahydroxy fruit acids in apples are the greatest for sloughing off tired skin, and their pectin firms and tightens saggy skin, as well as heals inflammations. Pulse 12 cored apple, 2 tablespoons honey and 12 teaspoon lemon juice and apply this mixture to a clean face. With your finger tips, begin gently patting your face. Continue until the mixture feels very, very sticky; this will bring the blood to the surface of your skin, making it glow. 

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